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artist, photographer, singer-songwriter

Current Project

Junk Drawers

We recently acquired a chest of sixteen drawers left on the side of the road. The drawers had previously been used in a school for art supplies. There are wonderful writings on the insides and backs of the drawers attesting to their long years of exposure to creative students, including the dried and well preserved wad of chewing gum. Each drawer, beautifully made with dovetail construction from years gone by, keeps its well-earned patina, marks and splatters from hard usage.

Each drawer on its own is a unique piece of art, in my mind, and I couldn’t think of a better way to preserve them than to use them in this ‘Junk Drawer’ project. We all have that junk drawer in the kitchen, front hall, or in the garage. You know the one. The drawer that seems to collect all the bits and pieces that you don’t know what to do with and aren’t sure if you should keep them or throw them away. Drawers are the perfect places to hide these bits of junk so you don’t have to see them nor think about them. Well, no longer. Look at how beautiful and interesting junk can be!

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